About Me

About Me

I am a determined entrepreneur and designer, specializing in many different art forms that range from paper and pen to videography. Currently, I operate my own graphics business and provide creative insight to businesses that seek my services.

2016 Artist Statement - Passage Gallery Exhibit

​"My body of work is a continuation of subjects explored during the spring semester, which include but are not limited to, racial discrimination, systemic oppression, and the symbolic situations that plague Black youth in the rural South. I chose to couple these ideas with my chosen object for observation, the rope, which in itself serves as a negative reminder of its purpose in American history. I also frequently include iconography that alludes to past or present issues, along with small details that serve as a looking glass into a world that appears foreign, but can be found within a few miles of the city capital. I want my work as a whole to display the racial tension and negativity surrounding American society. I plan to continue this series and further explore the issues that continue to afflict the younger generation, as well as, the older generation."

                                                                                                 -Dwayne Perry Jr.



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